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American Family Safety offers a large selection of safety products for the home, office, school, or car. All of our kits contain emergency supplies recommended by the US Dept. of Homeland Security.   Create a customized safety kit by selecting only the safety supplies YOU need. Choose from emergency food, water, radios, batteries, first aid kits, blankets, and more.

Equip your home with essential safety products

To keep your family safe, equip your home with the essential safety products you’ll need if an emergency occurs. While you may have home insurance, it will never increase your family’s chances of survival if disaster strikes. Our personal safety kits provide the insurance you need to care for yourself and your loved ones when emergency response is delayed or unavailable-- and they can save your life.

Every home should have a well-maintained personal safety kit

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends keeping a well-maintained personal emergency kit in every home. Our personal safety kits contain every product the department recommends. All of our kits include expert-selected safety and survival products, such as U.S. Coast Guard-approved food, water, first aid, emergency lights, batteries, emergency blankets, and other safety gear and equipment to help protect you and your family members for up to 72 hours.

Create a custimized home safety kit by choosing personal safety products from AFS

We also offer custom home, car, office, and school safety kits comprised of safety products selected by you. Getting all the personal safety products you need is easy with our interactive, secure, “Build a Personalized Kit” feature. Simply select the products you need, place the order, and we’ll deliver your customized kit in plenty of time to prepare for an emergency.

Every personal home safety product you buy helps a charity of your choice

By ordering your personal home safety products from American Family Safety, you will ensure your family’s basic survival needs in the event of disaster. You will also help others, as a portion of the proceeds from all online purchases goes to a charitable organization of your choice (a list of charities appear on the checkout screen). Each safety product you purchase will help protect not only your own family, but the families who can’t protect themselves.

Purchase safety products for your home today

Purchase personal safety products for you home, school, office, or car from American Family Safety today and protect yourself and your loved ones from disaster.

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