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Portable Safety Kit

Portable Safety Kit

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Portable Safety Kit provides hands-free way to take your protection with you

When the time comes to evacuate, you may not be evacuating alone. The Portable Safety Kit straps quickly around your waist, leaving you free to help others or to carry additional supplies. The bright orange bag is highly visible to rescue workers. Extra pockets give you room to add personal items like identification, cash, and important papers. We provide water, light and the tools you'll need to survive. When it's time to move out, you won't have to leave any essentials behind!

Our hand squeeze LED flashlight never requires batteries! This light will never let you down - It always works. Two bright LED's will last hours once fully charged. Only one minute of charging gives 15 to 20 minutes of light.

Each Portable Safety Kit includes:

  • 1, Large Fanny Pack
  • 1, AM/FM Radio
  • 1, Dual LED Hand Powered Flashlight
  • 1, 2400 Calorie Food Bar
  • 1, 3 Pack 8.5 oz. Water
  • 1, Solar Blanket
  • 1, Dust Mask
  • 50, Waterproof Matches
  • 1, Whistle with Lanyard
  • 1, 31 Piece First Aid Kit
  • 1, Wet Naps
  • 1, Auto Emergency Instructions

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