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Hurricane Kit

Hurricane Kit

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This kit is a good starting point for a family of two or three people. If there are more people in your family, you'll need additional supplies. Be sure you have at least one water container (2 gallons each) for each person and a flashlight for everybody. You'll also need a First Aid Kit if you don't have one.
Each Kit includes:*

  • 2- 2 Gallon Water Containers
  • 1- Flashlight Radio with Emergency Siren
  • 1- Fluorescent Camp Lantern, 2 Neon Tubes
  • 3- Light Sticks, lasts 12 hours
  • 2- Flashlights, uses "D" Size Batteries
  • 1- Pack of waterproof matches, box of 50
  • 1- Pair of leather palm gloves
  • 1- Swiss Army Style Knife, 13 Functions
  • 1- Duct Tape Roll 10 yards long by 1.88" wide

Batteries are not included in the kit

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