American Family Safety

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Fire Extinguisher- 43 oz.

Product picture

Reg: $29.00 $22.00

Extinguisher is 5BC Rated

Fire Ladder- 2 Story

Product picture


2 story tangle free escape ladder quickly attaches to any window.

Fire Ladder- 3 Story

Product picture


3 story, 25 foot tangle free escape ladder quickly attaches to any window.

Fire Resistant Document Bag

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Reg: $20.00 $14.99

Protect Your Property Deeds, Passports, Birth Certificates, Cash, Photos and more. Holds Legal Size Documents.

Respirator Safety Mask

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N95 Respirator mask for convenient respiratory protection.

Storm Matches

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Reg: $7.00 $4.99

Storm Matches - Wind & Waterproof

Three pack Utility Flame w/ Stove

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Reg: $15.00 $9.99

Burns Hot up to 1358 degrees F - Will Burn at -23 degrees F - Burns at 10,000 ft. - Does not evaporate, freeze or melt - Non-toxic - Water Soluble - Boils water easily
(Stove is included but not Pictured)

Water Storage Bag- 2 Gallon Capacity

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Reg: $5.50 $4.95

Two gallon, reusable heavy duty PVC water bag. Folded flat with carrying handle for portability.

10 Band Radio and LED Flashlight

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Reg: $65.00 $49.99

10 Band Radio features AM/FM, shortwave and 7 NOAA Weather Bands for the ultimate in emergency communications. The super-bright 5 LED Flashlight and radio are powered by a heavy duty dynamo crank charging system, which can also charge your USB powered devices like iPods and cell phones!

AM/FM Radio with Battery and Light

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Reg: $8.50 $7.25

AM/FM Radio with 2 ''AAA'' batteries. Comes with carry strap and an LED light.

Driveway Patrol Remote Sensor

Product picture

Reg: $30.00 $24.99

Wireless function alerts you when someone enters your driveway or walkway.

Lamp Sensors

Product picture

Reg: $30.00 $24.99

Light sensing switch for lamp (set of two)

Multi-tool with LED Flashlight

Product picture

Reg: $20.00 $12.99

9 Superbright LED Flashlight with red flashing emergency light, and Eight piece built in tool set.

Solar Powered Flashlight

Product picture

Reg: $21.00 $18.00

Multi purpose water resistant flashlight with two power systems, rechargeable solar or 'AA' battery powered.

Emergency Waterproof Fire Starter

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Reg: $9.00 $4.99

No need to worry about having wet matches. Start your fire anytime anywhere with this durable emergency fire starter.

Powerful 5 watt metal flashlight with CREE bulb

Product picture

Reg: $41.00 $29.99

5 watt Metal Flashlight: 160 Lumen - Cree Q3 Bulb - Carry Pouch- Takes 2 D Batteries

Three Watt LED Waterproof Diving Flashlight

Product picture

Reg: $25.00 $19.99

140 Lumens - Neon Yellow Color - Waterproof up to 100 ft. - Genuine Cree Bulb - Takes 4 AA batteries

183 pc Wall-Mounting First Aid Kit

Product picture

Reg: $29.00 $24.99

This 183 piece wall-mounting First Aid Station Exceeds OSHA Guidelines (1910.15), making it an excellent first aid solution for small businesses, schools, and even at home.

See detailed description for content list.

Burn Station Kit

Product picture

Reg: $74.99 $69.00

Make sure your first aid capabilities are complete with the Burn Station Kit. Help cool burns and relieve pain while stoping the burning process and avoiding contamination of the wound.


Product picture

Reg: $19.99 $16.00

All IOSAT is fully FDA approved for thyroid blocking in a radiation emergency. Please know that IOSAT is the ONLY full-strength potassium iodide tablet approved by the FDA which can be sold in the US, and is the only product approved for purchase by the US or State governments.

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