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Deluxe Compact Safety Kit

Deluxe Compact Safety Kit

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Deluxe Compact Safety Kit provides water and protection from the elements in an economical, space-saving package

Don't let space or security concerns compromise your safety! In some settings, keeping a full array of emergency supplies may not be practical, wise or necessary. The Deluxe Compact Safety Kit can provide you with essential supplies until help arrives. Put it in your office desk drawer or keep it under your car seat. When you need help, use the kit on the spot or take it with you in its lightweight package that fits around your waist. Either way, you'll stay warm, hydrated and in touch with the world. Ideal for the office, car or dorm room.

Each Deluxe Compact Safety Kit includes:

  • Large Fanny Pack, BLK
  • 37 Piece First Aid Kit- 1 person
  • Water Pouch x 3
  • Mini Torch Flashlight with Batteries
  • AM/FM Radio with Battery and Light
  • Light Stick, 12 Hour (Green)
  • Plastic whistle with Lanyard
  • Solar Blanket
  • 14 in 1 pocket tool
  • N95 Respirator mask
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Waterproof Matches, Box of 50

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