American Family Safety

By partnering with American Family Safety, your nonprofit association, student organization, charity or religious group receives major benefits you won’t find with any other affinity program.

A Valued Product

Chocolate bars don’t save lives. Our fundraising products do. Selling AFS Safety Solutions allows you to offer much-needed supplies that increase community awareness of disaster preparedness—and at prices no one can beat. Our kits are an investment in family survival, and your customers will save money by purchasing a composed kit in lieu of haphazardly buying supplies from local stores. AFS Safety Kits not only save them time, but also ensure their safety by meeting Department of Homeland Security recommendations.

Our Company’s Reputation, Expertise and Proven Experience

AFS founders are alumni of DECA—The Association of Marketing Students. DECA prepares students for leadership roles in marketing and entrepreneurship. Each of us has firsthand experience with fundraising campaigns; we understand the challenges students face, and we know how they benefit from these hands-on leadership opportunities. Now we want to give something back to the association that gave us so much. We’re committed to helping DECA and other nonprofit groups raise funds by selling unique products that have the potential to save lives.

A Total Market Solution—for FREE!

We provide your group with FREE point-of-sale displays that convert standard folding tables into professional Preparedness Awareness Booths. All product samples, marketing materials and sales tools are provided at no cost to you, and our visual merchandising solution couldn’t be easier to set up at community fairs and public events.

Increase Your Visibility

By selling disaster preparedness kits, you effectively become a community hero, dedicated to educating fellow residents. Your efforts to prepare families for unexpected emergencies can generate local media attention, which raises your regional profile. AFS is also working on a national level with nonprofit groups and the Department of Homeland Security to maximize PR opportunities for participating organizations.

No Risks, No Hassles

Ordering from AFS is a breeze. You can submit orders through your private account on our secure online portal. We handle billing and collections for you, eliminating the need for you to manage cash. We then ship products directly to your customers by courier, so you don’t have to bother with inventory or delivery. Once you take an order and log it into the system, you’re done! What could be easier?

Skills Development and Training

Vocational education students routinely participate in competitions, and our comprehensive training program helps you prepare for competitive events. You’ll sharpen your role-playing and sales skills. What’s more, the AFS program is ideal for classroom and civic consciousness projects.

If you’re a marketing educator, take advantage of our enhanced curriculum resources, which focus on the value of fundraising experiences: creating a marketing strategy, implementing it, tracking results and refining your approach based on key learnings. Feedback from chapters enrolled in our pilot marketing tests has been unanimous: Advisors love AFS for providing a fundraiser that teaches students about marketing in the real world, while instilling a sense of civic responsibility.

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