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London Terrorism Bombings
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London Terrorism Bombings

As the death toll climbs past 50, with more than 700 injured, London and the world community are still reeling from yesterday’s rush-hour terrorist attacks against three subway trains and one bus.

Many of Thursday’s victims were trapped in the city’s Underground trains for close to half an hour, covered in soot and battling smoke inhalation as rescuers rushed to evacuate them safely.

Here in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security raised the terror threat level from yellow (elevated) to orange (high) for inner-city and regional mass-transit systems in an attempt to prevent copycat attacks.

In response to these tragic events, American Family Safety is offering at cost its Personal Evacuation Kits, designed specifically for users of mass transportation. You can also browse the American Family Safety terrrorism preparedness page to increase your changes of survival during an attack.

“Our hearts go out to the British people, and we want to make sure everyone here is prepared,” says Michael Baruch, one of the company’s directors.

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