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Survival Guides

  • Community Emergency Preparedness

    06 Jan 2006

    As we enter a new year, you need to make a critical resolution to protect your family in the event a major disaster or emergency strikes your community: Be prepared. Follow these tips from American Family Safety, your one stop resource for emergency essentials, disaster kits, and survival supplies.
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  • Tornado Safety

    17 Nov 2005

    While Doppler radar and tornado warning systems have dramatically increased survival rates, many residents in tornado-prone states fail to take basic emergency preparedness precautions.
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  • Hurricane Preparedness

    01 Nov 2005

    It didn’t take long for the “blame game” to reach critical mass after Hurricane Wilma tore through South Florida. Emergency water and ice distribution centers ran out of supplies, even though the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had delivered more than 300 truckloads of water, ice and meals three days before Wilma came ashore, according to the Miami Herald. Failure to maintain adequate supplies of food and water in a disaster can cause inconvenient situations, or worse, threaten your survival.
    Posted in florida,hurricane survival,storm survival,survival water,survival food,survival supplies

  • Hurricane Season

    18 Oct 2005

    Tropical Storm Wilma has officially developed into the 12th hurricane of the 2005 season, and experts predict it will reach Florida by the weekend. By now, all of us are used to hearing about hurricane categories, which are based on a five-point scale. In fact, most Americans are speaking weather-ese and abbreviating them (“a cat 3 is about to hit”). But what do these numbers actually mean?
    Posted in florida,wilma,hurricane survival,tropical storm survival

  • Hurricane Relief

    02 Sep 2005

    If you have postponed or waffled over your decision to preplan for emergencies or buy a disaster kit, the horrific images of Hurricane Katrina serve as your personal wakeup call. Even if you live in a state that’s not prone to hurricanes, you may eventually have to survive a fire, earthquake, tornado, winter storm or terrorist attack.
    Posted in new orleans,katrina,hurricane survival,storm survival

  • Hurricane Preparedness at Home

    14 Jul 2005

    Need detailed instructions on how to prepare your roof, windows, doors and yard for hurricane season? If you live in one of nine hurricane-prone areas, you can attend free disaster preparedness clinics to help ensure your survival in the event of a powerful storm.
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  • Lightning Safety

    28 Jun 2005

    It took firefighters six days to gain control of a wildfire that burned more than 70,600 acres in Southern California’s Mojave National Preserve, located about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles and 40 miles west of the Nevada border. The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that lightning causes 17,400 fires each year, with an average of 10 deaths, 75 injuries and $138 million in property damage. These safety tips will help you protect your home and increase your changes of survival.
    Posted in storm survival,thunderstorm survival,lightning survival,wildfire survival,disaster survival