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Survival Guides

  • Community Emergency Preparedness

    06 Jan 2006

    As we enter a new year, you need to make a critical resolution to protect your family in the event a major disaster or emergency strikes your community: Be prepared. Follow these tips from American Family Safety, your one stop resource for emergency essentials, disaster kits, and survival supplies.
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  • Floods and Disease

    30 Sep 2005

    Flood waters are highly contaminated with E. coli and other health hazards. This is the case in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, as high levels of lead, arsenic, fecal matter and bacteria—including E. coli— have been found in flood waters and sediment. Can these diseases threaten your survival?
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  • Animal Disaster Relief

    26 Sep 2005

    Farmers in areas battered by Hurricanes Katrina, Ophelia and Rita face unprecedented challenges. In Alabama, Mississippi, and Lousiana, approximately 825,000 head of cattle and calves lived in counties that sustained hurricane-force winds, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The survival rate of beef cattle in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana is devastating. Of 15,000 cattle, 10,000 are presumed dead—a loss estimated at $8 million.
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  • Emergency Pet Preparedness

    15 Sep 2005

    As Hurricane Ophelia pounds North Carolina and cleanup from Hurricane Katrina continues, stranded pets have been making headlines over the last week. While human lives take priority in any rescue effort, many residents refused to heed mandatory evacuation orders because they didn’t want to leave their beloved pets behind. Follow these disaster preparedness guidelines to ensure your pet’s survival during a hurricane, flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster.
    Posted in hurricane survival,earthquake survival,flood survival,pet survival,katrina

  • Death and Disaster

    09 Sep 2005

    Hurricane Katrina has forced us to examine our feelings about death, denial and disaster preparedness. Disasters test our mettle as individuals and a populace. We don’t want to think about the potential for catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina—and yet they occur. Denial is the No. 1 reason why families fail to purchase disaster kits that contain critical supplies that can increase their chances of survival and save lives.
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  • Hurricane Relief

    02 Sep 2005

    If you have postponed or waffled over your decision to preplan for emergencies or buy a disaster kit, the horrific images of Hurricane Katrina serve as your personal wakeup call. Even if you live in a state that’s not prone to hurricanes, you may eventually have to survive a fire, earthquake, tornado, winter storm or terrorist attack.
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  • Florida Hurricane Season

    26 Aug 2005

    Florida residents have learned the hard way that denial invites property damage, pain and suffering, and fatalities. They endured four hurricanes last year, which caused almost $50 billion in damage. This year alone, they’ve weathered 11 storms—and it took this double-digit onslaught to convince many Floridians to purchase disaster kits to protect their families, shore up their homes to brave heavy winds, and make a commitment to preplanning and preparation.
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