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Survival Guides

  • Community Emergency Preparedness

    06 Jan 2006

    As we enter a new year, you need to make a critical resolution to protect your family in the event a major disaster or emergency strikes your community: Be prepared. Follow these tips from American Family Safety, your one stop resource for emergency essentials, disaster kits, and survival supplies.
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  • Pest Control and Safety

    08 Nov 2005

    Bugs and rats are unpleasant topics, but they’re an unfortunate reality when hurricanes and flooding occur. Insect and rodent populations increase rapidly after disasters.
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  • Flood Safety Tips

    07 Oct 2005

    Drinking polluted water is only one of the ways you may become ill if your town floods during a hurricane, landslide, mudslide, or other natural disaster. Airborne contaminants, contaminated food, and germs are all threats. These flood survival tips are your best defense.
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  • Floods and Disease

    30 Sep 2005

    Flood waters are highly contaminated with E. coli and other health hazards. This is the case in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, as high levels of lead, arsenic, fecal matter and bacteria—including E. coli— have been found in flood waters and sediment. Can these diseases threaten your survival?
    Posted in survival water,disaster survival,flood survival,katrina

  • Death and Disaster

    09 Sep 2005

    Hurricane Katrina has forced us to examine our feelings about death, denial and disaster preparedness. Disasters test our mettle as individuals and a populace. We don’t want to think about the potential for catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina—and yet they occur. Denial is the No. 1 reason why families fail to purchase disaster kits that contain critical supplies that can increase their chances of survival and save lives.
    Posted in katrina,hurricane survival,disaster survival,earthquake survival

  • Florida Hurricane Season

    26 Aug 2005

    Florida residents have learned the hard way that denial invites property damage, pain and suffering, and fatalities. They endured four hurricanes last year, which caused almost $50 billion in damage. This year alone, they’ve weathered 11 storms—and it took this double-digit onslaught to convince many Floridians to purchase disaster kits to protect their families, shore up their homes to brave heavy winds, and make a commitment to preplanning and preparation.
    Posted in florida,katrina,hurricane survival,disaster survival

  • Emergency Cash

    18 Aug 2005

    Always carry enough emergency cash to cover essential needs for a five-day period. This recommendation is echoed by the Financial Planning Association, a trade group that represents accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, bankers and other money managers. Many ATMs and banks were shut down after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the FPA reminds us, and hurricane and tornado victims often experience similar problems.
    Posted in urban survival,disaster survival

  • Emergency Food

    15 Aug 2005

    Every family should have a 3-day emergency supply of water and food in their disaster pantry. Assume you’ll be without electricity, gas and the ability to cook. For portability and ease, make sure your disaster kit contains enough food for every family member. You can purchase extra emergency food packs and energy bars(with a 5-year shelf life), as needs dictate. If you’re at work, in your car or on the go, make sure you’ve made similar preparations.
    Posted in survival food,survival water,disaster survival,72 hour survival

  • Power Outages and Food Safety

    28 Jul 2005

    As the Southeast braces for more hurricanes and West Coast residents cope with summertime power outages from insufficient energy supplies, it’s critical to take steps to ensure your home food supply is safe. How should you handle the food in your refrigerator if you lose electricity in a hurricane, flood, blackout?
    Posted in disaster survival,urban survival,survival food,survival water,flood survival,blackout survival

  • Hurricane-Safe Home Design

    22 Jul 2005

    Hurricane season has started, and Home Depot is doing what they can to help. In this article, The Home Depot’s construction and hardware experts offer tips on securing your home at the start of hurricane season and prior to an impending storm.
    Posted in hurricane survival,disaster survival