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72 Hour Survival - Survival Kits - Emergency Survival Kits - Emergency Kits - Disaster Kits - Survival Supplies
American Family Safety

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Survival Guides

  • Community Emergency Preparedness

    06 Jan 2006

    As we enter a new year, you need to make a critical resolution to protect your family in the event a major disaster or emergency strikes your community: Be prepared. Follow these tips from American Family Safety, your one stop resource for emergency essentials, disaster kits, and survival supplies.
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  • Emergency Food

    15 Aug 2005

    Every family should have a 3-day emergency supply of water and food in their disaster pantry. Assume you’ll be without electricity, gas and the ability to cook. For portability and ease, make sure your disaster kit contains enough food for every family member. You can purchase extra emergency food packs and energy bars(with a 5-year shelf life), as needs dictate. If you’re at work, in your car or on the go, make sure you’ve made similar preparations.
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