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Landslides/Mudslides Preparedness
American Family Safety

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Landslide / Mudslide Preparedness

Landslide / Mudslide Preparedness

As heavy rains saturate hillsides, the risk of mudslides, mudflows and landslides rises nationwide. Slides can occur in any state, and they cause an estimated $2 billion in damages and 25–50 deaths each year.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency - a former independent agency that became part of the new Department of Homeland Security in March 2003 - is tasked with responding to, planning for, recovering from and mitigating against disasters.

Red Cross

The American Red Cross responds to disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires, or other situations that cause human suffering or create human needs that those affected cannot alleviate without assistance. It is an independent, humanitarian, voluntary organization, not a government agency.