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Emergency Preparedness http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness Tue, 08 Aug 2006 18:31:35 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Quick Tips on Preparing for an Emergency American Family Safety is a resource designed to provide important information about emergency preparedness and safety. We have created a forum for people to obtain and comment on safety information. Our goal is to create a community of safety advocates who share information and dialog to help get people prepared ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/quick-tips-on-preparing-for-an-emergency.html Family Communications Plan Considerations When making your family’s plan, please consider the following situations resulting from a severe disaster: It will take the Federal Emergency Response Agency (FEMA) time to bring help and order to a major disaster area. This is why it is deemed essential to have AT LEAST 72 hours of self-sufficiency as ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/family-communications-plan-considerations.html Disasters: What If I Don’t Have Insurance? Disaster assistance is available even if you don’t have homeowner’s insurance (or if you are under-insured and your coverage is insufficient). It will not provide the same level of insurance that a homeowner’s policy confers, but it can get you through the roughest times after a disaster strikes. Never assume, ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/disasters-no-insurance.html Disasters: Working With Your Insurance Company Insurance policies are designed to protect your home, its contents and your automobiles in the event of a disaster, but documenting your property is a critical step if you want to minimize your losses and make the most of your coverage. Before a disaster strikes, follow these essential steps: Keep your insurance ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/disasters-insurance-company.html Accessing Help after Disasters When a disaster strikes, help is available to you and your family at the local, state and federal levels. Right after the disaster occurs, don’t be surprised if you receive a busy signal when you dial 911. Phone lines will be jammed with callers, so use this number only if ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/accessing-help-disasters.html First Steps After Disaster Strikes The first few minutes after a disaster strikes are the most critical. Because many disasters occur without warning, you will feel a surge of adrenaline coursing through your veins. Your heart will be pumping faster, your breathing rate will increase, and you’ll find yourself fighting the impulse to panic. This ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/first-steps-disaster-strikes.html Family Disaster Preparedness As humans, we are creatures of habit, prone to procrastination. Most of us simply shake off the need to prepare for a disaster, figuring we’ll eventually “get around to it.” We don’t want to think about the possibility of something bad occurring. Disasters, we reason, affect “other people”—the victims we ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/family-disaster-preparedness.html Community Emergency Preparedness Make your voice heard! Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor takes questions from residents affected by Hurricane Katrina. He introduced a Katrina relief bill in Congress. (Photo: FEMA/Mark Wolfe) Happy New Year from American Family Safety—your one-stop shopping resource for emergency preparedness supplies and disaster kits. As we enter a new year, you ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/community-emergency-preparedness.html California Businesses Prepare Employees for Emergencies with Purchase of American Family Safety Ready Kits What Steps Has Your Office Taken to Protect Staff? Toronto, Ontario (December 15, 2005) – In response to recent natural disasters, many organizations across the country are preparing their workplaces for emergencies. Most recently, two California businesses – Utility Vault of Northern Calif. and Thermage, Inc., of Hayward, Calif. near San ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/california-emergency-preparedness-employees.html Prepare for an Emergency and Help a Good Cause:American Family Safety Donates Sale Portions to Charity American Red Cross and Salvation Army are among participants for unique opportunity Toronto, Ontario (December 8, 2005) – American Family Safety, a company that offers emergency preparedness supplies and education, launches a program to donate a percentage of every sale on their Web site to a charitable organization. This holiday season, ... http://www.americanfamilysafety.com/emergency-preparedness/emergency-preparedness-donate-charity.html