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Our earthquake kits contain all the necessities for complete 72 hour emergency preparedness.   Create your own earthquake preparedness kit in our online store.

Prepare before an earthquake occurs

Many people know how to protect themselves DURING an earthquake: duck under a desk or sturdy table, stay away from windows, bookcases, mirrors, and other heavy objects, and stay free of falling objects. But what happens afterwards? After the earthquake has devastated everything around you? Help will come, but to ensure your survival will you need to PREPARE BEFORE the earthquake occurs. Whether you live in Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, the Middle East or Asia, having earthquake plans, an earthquake preparedness check list, and an earthquake preparedness pack can save your life.

Purchasing an earthquake preparedness kit is easy and inexpensive

Our goal is to make purchasing your earthquake kit as easy-— and inexpensive—- as possible. American Family Safety earthquake preparedness kits are housed in tubes (Ready Tube™) or compact backpacks (Ready Pack™) to make sure they will conveniently fit into your home, office, school, or car. Each kit contains all eathquake preparedness items suggested by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on their earthquake preparedness list. These items include U.S. Coast Guard-approved food, water, first aid, survival lights, batteries, blankets, and other survival gear and equipment to help protect you and your family members safe from the effects of an earthquake for up to 72 hours.

Create your own customized earthquake preparedness kit

Looking to customize? Create your own earthquake kit. We offer our customers completely customized earthquake preparedness kits via our interactive, secure “Build a Personalized Kit” feature. Simply select the items you need, place the order, and we’ll deliver your arthquake preparedness kit immediately.

Help your favorite charity by purchasing an earthquake preparedness kit from AFS

By preparing for an earthquake and ordering your disaster kit from American Family Safety, you will ensure your family a better chance of survival if an earthquake occurs. You will also help other people affected by earthquakes, as a portion of the proceeds from all online purchases goes to a charitable organization of your choice (a list of charities appear on the checkout screen). Each purchase you make will protect not only your own family, but other families who need help.

Protect yourself with an earthquake preparedness kit today

With affordable prices, government-recommended products, and a genuine dedication to earthquake preparedness, American Family Safety stands behind its earthquake kits.

Buy your earthquake preparedness kit today and protect yourself from disaster.

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