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About Us

By visiting the American Family Safety website, you have taken a giant step—one that many residents of your community have avoided. You have acknowledged that disasters occur when you least expect them, and you understand the need to prepare your family for emergencies.

Helping you find the right disaster kit for your unique needs is what AFS is all about. Our goal: to make the purchasing process as easy-and inexpensive-as possible. Our portable, affordable Safety Solutions contain all of the preparedness products recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, and we offer numerous options for home, work, school, and automobile safety.

Our online Family Assessment Tool makes ordering fast and stress-free. You'll save time and money with one-stop shopping, and your kits will be conveniently delivered to your front door. We've eliminated the hassles of making a disaster "shopping list" and traveling to multiple stores to stock a homemade kit that may not contain everything you need. With AFS, you'll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your Safety Kit is appropriately stocked with the highest-quality products to get you through virtually any emergency.

The founders of American Family Safety are committed to making sure that every U.S. family is prepared for an emergency. That’s why we’ve partnered with major nonprofit organizations—including DECA, a marketing education club composed of 200,000+ high school students throughout North America—to help spread the word and cosponsor community preparedness events. As DECA alumni, AFS founders want to give something back to the organization that gave us so much when we were first starting our careers.

We congratulate you on recognizing the need to preplan and prepare for disasters and emergencies. We hope you will work with your community to promote preparedness, save lives and prevent injuries. Please use our Emergency Preparedness Library to gather important information, and bookmark this site for weekly updates and educational articles.

If you have suggestions for new products or additions to this site, please email us.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to keeping Americans prepared—one family at a time.

The American Family Safety Team